Are you a florist who owns a flower shop and is looking to boost sales? Then, We’ll be writing some helpful tips about increasing footfall, repeat customers, and boosting sales.

After all, we all work hard to bloom our flower shop like flowers; attracting more customers is never wrong. You need to take the initiative to draw your target customer’s attention to your business and then turn them into loyal customers. We can do many things and boost sales to achieve our goals, but we have narrowed it down to six points. Here are the six flower shop marketing ideas explained in details:

Customer Loyalty Program

 Acquiring a new customer is always more expensive than retaining an old one. It’s always a good idea to keep existing customers and turn them into loyal customers. InsightJet can help you to create loyalty programs and maintain a database of existing customers. InsightJet has three different types of loyalty programs you can use according to your business needs. Keeping databases and creating loyalty programs helps you analyze customers spending and purchasing behavior, which allows you to get a clear view of your customers and business. After getting a clear understanding of your customers and business, you can cleverly make strategies to increase footfalls and boost sales.

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Social Media Presence

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We all spend much time browsing social media and consuming much content. Why don’t we create content for our own business to increase visibility and social media presence? We all know that creating content needs a lot of leverage and skillsets to use different tools. To minimize these leverages, we can create content using our phones to get pictures or videos. We can use tools like Canva and polish our content. Instagram and Tik Tok‘s content is getting a tremendous amount of visibility. Local Community Facebook pages are the ultimate destination for marketing your flower business. You can connect with your customers via social media using simple strategies like posting content or answering questions in Facebook groups. 

Website and marketplace

You can’t take 24 hours orders in your physical stores, but you can do that online. Many customers can’t reach flower shops to buy flowers for their loved ones in the hustle and bustle of life. If you can sort out this pain point of many customers by creating simple e-commerce based websites or joining a marketplace, this will help you boost sales. Post pandemic, every business is going online, why don’t you? It doesn’t cost you a hefty price to set up a website. You can use a platform like Squarespace, Shopify, or Wix. Website is not only an option to go online. You can find a marketplace for florists like ibuyflowers.com. Marketplaces take a pie of your sales, but they’ll bring customers to you.

Local marketing

 We all know the flower business is all about local customers and the local community. Suppose we miss an opportunity to get connected with the local community. We miss our customers and lose our business. To show our presence in the local community, we have to start connecting with local events, showing presence in local social media groups like Facebook groups, and listing a business on Google maps.

Most people are now connecting with social media, and every county or suburb has its Facebook groups. We can find them and join. Don’t just join and promote your business; help people by interacting with related topics, enabling you to show your presence and business. 

Google Reviews

Google is a new term for search; if you have any questions, you run for Google. Precisely, in the same way, if people need flower shops, they’ll search on Google. So, listing a flower shop on Google is the most needed thing to boost your business. Google review helps your business to increase your sales. Having plenty of google reviews helps customers to make decisions about your business. InsightJet is the best tool to work with for your business to increase Google‘s reviews of your business.

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Customer Experience

After applying different marketing strategies and bringing customers to your shop. Now, it’s your turn to give them experience as you draw their attention from marketing. Decorating your shop is the basics for flower shops. The first sight always impacts the customers’ views towards your shop. Cleaning and decorating in different styles daily keeps customers’ eye on your shops.

Flower Shop. Picture by: pixabay.com

After getting a customer’s footstep into a store and buying a flower, creating a better customer experience post-sales is the next big thing to boost sales. If you can deliver a customer experience like giving them excellent packaging, rewarding them loyalty points, or cheering them with your smiles.

Conclusion: To Blossom your flower business, focus on your existing customers, create a solid user base, target local, create your social media presence and deliver a 5-star customer experience.

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