Customers can be swayed by a good first encounter with the restaurant’s staff or by the ambience, resulting in positive feelings about the restaurant. If they have a negative experience at your restaurant, it will be shared on social media that same day and will leave you with a poor rating that will drive customers away. It would be tempting enough to believe there’s no natural, tangible way to understand your restaurant customers. Also, now that Restaurant businesses are highly competitive, you’ll need to give it your all to succeed. Whether you want to attract more customers, build a solid social media presence or increase profits, here are five effective ways to help you grow your restaurant business.

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1. Enhance your social media accounts

Your efforts will go overlooked if you don’t drive traffic into your restaurant, no matter how delicious your food is. As a result, having a social media presence for a restaurant is essential. To attract customers, you must think strategically, develop restaurant marketing ideas, and implement social media practices. Facebook posts and Tweets aren’t the only way to promote yourself on social media. You should discover and extend the brand through other major and evolving social media channels, such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more, becoming increasingly important parts of the social media environment.

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2. Collect and consider customer reviews

It’s a safe way to keep your loyal customers if you pay attention to their reviews and ask them how they feel about the food and the setting regularly. Online feedback will help you improve your search rating, boost your brand, and know more about your consumers. Try responding to all the reviews, especially negative ones. It will also increase the engagement with your customers, making their perception valuable. As Google is a go-to place for people to search restaurants and read reviews, Google reviews influence customer’s decisions because they need to know if they can rely on your business. InsightJet is the ideal site to connect with if you want to boost your business’s Google ratings.

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3. Provide discounts and loyalty rewards

Loyalty cards increase sales by offering discount programs that encourage consumers to return. InsightJet will assist you in developing loyalty programs and maintaining a client list. With InsightJet, you can reward the buyers based on their purchasing patterns, such as the volume at which they shop, the sum they spend, and loyalty offers. These initiatives are very excellent at bringing customers in regularly. Create unique rewards and experiences, such as discounts for special occasions and complimentary meals on their birthdays, free delivery options. Also, just awards aren’t enough, so you may want to create genuine value for each customer by giving away menu items they enjoy or providing an offer on their favourites.

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4. Team up with delivery services

When there’s less parking available or also when you don’t have a spacious place, offering takeout with a delivery partner gives you an additional revenue source to rely on. Also, in lockdown, many businesses have no other option than to shut down entirely. But with the restaurant businesses, you can take orders online and deliver foods to your customers’ doorsteps. Delivery services like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Menulog, Deliveroo offers you online delivery platforms. Since not all food delivery apps are available in every location, you can quickly eliminate a few by checking to see if they deliver in your city. You should also provide limited-time promotional offers with food delivery, which will give a sense of urgency and inspire people to choose your restaurant over another and spend some more money.

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5. Don’t neglect the human touch

Why do some people travel some miles for foods that they can quickly get from a nearby restaurant? It isn’t always because they serve the best food, and it isn’t because they are the cheapest. It’s because they like the staff, they appreciate their sincere service, maybe with a welcoming smile, and the customers feel they’re valued. The distinction between one hotel and the next is, really, the people. Unfortunately, so many restaurant businesses have become so focussed on “technology” that their management has lost sight of the “touch” component. Therefore, consider your business as “human and technology” and not “human vs technology”.

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Lastly, your mission should be to have outstanding consumer service for your customers because you can gain an advantage over your competitors by doing so. For more on growth hacks, you can visit InsightJet and explore more of our blogs and features.

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