Setting Up Loyalty

Step 1: Select loyalty options suitable for your business.

Options: Points, Stamp and Discount based loyalty.

Guide to point based loyalty option:

Step 1: Set the reward rate as per your loyalty plan.

Step 2: Select the date for the special reward system if there is any. These options let you boost your sales on a selected date and increase the customers footfalls.

Step 3: Download QR Code and put the printed QR code on the table to enable customers to check their loyalty points.

Guide to Stamp based Loyalty

Step 1: Select Stamp options

Step 2: Select the number of visits and select the service name.

Step 3: Download QR Code and print to check the loyalty points.

Discount based Loyalty System

Step 1: Select the discount option.

Step 2: Set the discount percentage as per your loyalty plan.